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It is a personalized spraying technique using an hvlp system that distributes an even solution mist all over the body creating a natural-looking tan without the harmful effects of UV exposure.

During the spray tanning procedure, a solution containing DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is applied to the body.  When the solution hits your skin, the DHA begins interacting with the amino acids and proteins that are located on the top layer of your skin. During this process, a color change begins taking place and a suntanned appearance is produced. This tan will last approximately 5-7 days depending on several factors, including: solution, technique, skin type, and maintenance. Sunless tans will gradually fade as the dead skin cells are sloughed off.

DHA was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) about 30 years ago.  No adverse effects have been reported other than minor skin irritations on allergic people.  Allergic reactions are extremely rare and can usually be relieved by showering.

We use only high-quality sunless solutions that are hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free.  The solution contains only the purest, essential ingredients necessary for optimal results.

Spray tanning is by far the best and most effective way to tan without damaging your skin, increasing your risk of skin cancer, and developing wrinkles or premature aging. The technique is safe, fast, and worry- free.  Anyone looking for a tanned appearance without exposure to UV rays can benefit from this technique. Clients who have spider veins, acne, uneven skin pigmentation, or other skin irregularities may experience positive results.

A full-body session takes about 20 minutes; however, on your first visit, plan an extra 10 minutes for an initial consultation and explanation of the spray tanning procedure.

Your tan will last approximately 5-7 days depending on how you care for your skin and the condition of your skin. The key is to thoroughly exfoliate prior to your application and then moisturize, moisturize, moisturize each day after your application.

No, it DOES NOT provide SPF protection.  It is always recommended that you use the appropriate SPF sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Our policy does provide a few client restrictions. We do not spray tan pregnant women or those who are nursing (an exception will be made if the Client can provide written permission from their physician prior to application), men, and female clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or have approval using our parental consent form.

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