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Tan Care

Before Tanning

Waxing, pedicures, facials & lash extensions should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session.

Shave and exfoliate (exfoliating is key).  This will rid the skin of dead skin cells enabling the tan to last longer.  Exfoliate the day before your appointment – this gives your skin some rest time.

No make-up, perfumes, or lotions.  These could result in streaking & minimize color.

No deodorants.  Spraying over clinical type deodorant can result in green rings around the arm pits.

Do not wear jewelry.

Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip-flops to wear after tanning.  Tight clothing can rub the tan completely off in some areas.  Wait at least 5 hrs before putting on tight clothing.

After Tanning

Do not shower or wet your skin for at least 8-10 hrs.  When showering use a (non-exfoliating) body wash, shower gel or bar soap. Avoid using any Dove products as these may strip your tan. While enjoying your tan, it is advisable to shower versus bathe.

Avoid perspiring and be careful when washing hands and other activities, as this may cause tan to streak until first shower.

The solution contains a bronzer (a superficial color) so that you may leave with instant color and the technician can see when applying the solution. The bronzer will wash-off the first time you shower and your tanned color will be revealed.  It helps to only “rinse” during your first shower and do not shave legs that first day.

When drying-off after your shower, pat dry instead of rubbing.

Moisturize twice a day with lotion free of heavy fragrance.  Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer and slows down the process of natural skin exfoliation.

DO NOT sit directly on leather or light fabric seats and furniture directly after your tanning session.  Sit on a towel or cloth instead.

We want you to feel completely comfortable, so during your spray tanning session, you may wear:  panties, a thong,  bikini bottom, strapless bra, bikini, or a full bathing suit.  Wear whatever makes YOU most comfortable!  At a minimum, panties or a thong must be worn.